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My mission is to provide you with a fast, affordable website and No technical headache
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Naturally Beautiful

Google tests modern websites for user experience. Your website will be built bearing in mind modern best practice for User Experience. A lot of this comes from the graphic design industry which established the best sizes, spacings and colour combinations long before the creation of the internet.

Blisteringly Fast

We'll take care to make sure that your site downloads to your customer super fast. In 2018 Goole did some research and discovered that 53% of mobile users give up on a site which takes more than 3 seconds to load. Try copying the address of this site from the URL bar, searching on "Google Page Speed Insights" and pasting us into the speed testing tool! We're amazed at the quantity of our competitors who can't build themselves a fast loading website.

Mobile Responsive

World wide, half of all web traffic goes to mobile phones. Have you noticed how everyone seems to have their neck bent looking down at their phone. We'll make sure that your website responds to the size of screen it's downloaded to. We know that your customers will click away if we don't pay attention to this.  

Optimised for Search Results

Google has a complex algorithm designed to decide which website is the most relevant for a particular search term. Like millions of other website developers all over the world we've spent hours studying this puzzle. In order that no one solves it Google changes the algorithm at least once every six months. We make sure the fundamentals are correct every time we build a website. Please read our blog post on SEO and find out what can be done to help us help you do well in the search rankings.

Affordable, Not Cheap

You don't get a second chance to make a first impression. We don't want your customers to have a cheap impression of you and your business. A great website costs money, you get what you pay for. We'll make it affordable by spreading the cost over a two year period. Also a website requires technical maintenance and hosting, the cost of this will also be rolled into monthly payments. 

You're in Control

You'll have a login to the nuts and bolts end of your site so that you can change text, headings and images. No need to hassle website developers every time you need to make a small change. With some brief training you'll be able to make small changes with ease.
Responsive Website
This is an exampe website, it has a formal angular feel to it. At the top there's a gallery of images shoing off the produce of the business.
Responsive Website
This is an exampe website, it has a formal angular feel to it. At the top there's a gallery of images shoing off the produce of the business.
Responsive Website
This is an exampe website, it has a formal angular feel to it. At the top there's a gallery of images shoing off the produce of the business.
Which of the following describes you best?
I Want a Strategic Solution
I Want Results Quickly
I Want to Upgrade my Old Website
Do you have a clear business objective? Maybe you want to spend less on advertising. Maybe you want to rank for a popular search term. Maybe you need to excel in eCommerce. Perhaps all three? We can definitely help.
Discovery and mapping
We'll meet either in person or by video link. I'll want to know all about you. Who are you? What do you do? What do your customers get from you? From there we'll try to map a journey. At the beginning your potential customer know's they need something but they don't know you. At the end they give you money because they're happy with you. How do we get them from A to B?  
Define the Project
We'll take the answer from step 1 and carefully decide how that should be implemented. What resources are required and where can we find them? At this stage we should be able to specify how long things will take and how much they cost.
I will focus on your project and aim to implement it efficiently. Time to bring all the parts together and create a website which is aligned to the needs of your customer. You'll get a site which improves your online presence and impact.
Review, Edit, Approve & Publish
Once we've created your website We want to make sure that you're completely satisfied with every part of it. So we'll meet online and make any changes which may be required in real time. Also I'll introduce you to your login so you can make small changes yourself.
Maintainance, Tracking and Growth
Our job doesn't end when we launch your website. For some customers this is where our work starts. It goes without saying that we'll cover maintenance for software updates which are required behind the scenes for security and modernising purposes. Also we provide performance tracking, Search Engine Optimisation and online advertising services which you might need as your business grows.
Work with Me!
We can get you going without an expensive time consuming design process. So long as you don't require anything too complex  we'll simplify the process and get you online quickly and without undue cost.
Look through our sample websites
Choose something you like. We can customise it by  changing colour schemes and rearranging sections. This is a quick way to a modern responsive website with a fast loading time 
Decide what Pictures and Text You Want
This is your chance to tell the world what you're about! If you're bewildered by this we can help you - but you can save time and money if you do it yourself.
We'll Construct it for you!
Our aim is to get you a beautiful, high performing website quickly and efficiently. We'll worry about the technical problems so you won't have to.
Review the Result with us and Publish
We'll meet over a video chat and make sure everything is present and correct. Once you've decided that your new website is up to scratch we'll go ahead and publish it!
As your Business Grows Expand Your Site
Your website is not limited to the sample site which you chose originally. Our system is versatile so you can add sections or pages as you like. This way you can build a complex website easily as your business grows.
Get Started!
Be prepared for some questions! We'll be careful to understand where you're at and what you want to achieve. Do you fall into any of the categories below? In any case, get in touch and we'll work out the best route forward for you.
My site just looks old fasioned
The internet is constantly evolving, new devices, new features & new thinking on user experience. If you think you're site looks old there's a good chance that it will benefit from some new technology and new thinking on layout. Get in touch and we'll get modernising! 
I've got new things to say to my customers
As your business grows and you gain further insights into the requirements of your customers it's quite natural to modify your message. Let us know what your planning and we'll do our best to implement it quickly and efficiently. 
I want better performance from my website
Maybe it's time to drill down into your customers and ask; "What drives them?" How do they get to your site and how can we get more? Once they're on the site how many of them end up as customers? And why do people leave without buying?
I want a mobile responsive website
If your website isn't mobile responsive your missing out.When smartphones were invented the web development industry had to respond to the new technology. Modern best practices have emerged so we're no at the stage where we expect websites to respond to screen size.  
I've had a security issue
It's not just technology which constantly evolves. Nasty people exist who might benefit from hijacking your website. For this reason maintenance is always important. Software is so complex that it's not humanly possible to write it and know every eventuality. When it's discovered that security has been breached the software is updated and your site needs to run on the latest version.
Let's Talk!
Who am I?
I'm Phil and I'm looking for smart business owners who want a modern website to drive their enterprise forward.

Before I went into freelance website design I've had experience of building a website for my own small business. I understand how bewildering it all seems to begin with and I've spent hours studying the various aspects of Web Design.

 You can count on me to deal with all the technical aspects of your website so that you can concentrate on running your business.
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